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Sea Change Psychotherapy can help with:


Life can be unsettled and complicated at times, and children may react to this in a way which causes problems. Psychotherapy offers a chance for children and young people to understand more about themselves and their relationships, helping them to find more healthy and thoughtful ways of relating.


Moving between families can be stressful, and old difficulties from early in life can trouble children as they grow. We offer specialist assessment and treatment to adoptive families, helping to strengthen relationships and promote healthy development.


From low mood to self-harm and suicidality, our clinicians are experienced in helping children and young people explore the origins of their feelings, helping them feel less alone. Parents can share their worries and gain greater understanding of the situation too.


This is a problem which may manifest in different ways across the life cycle. We understand that issues around eating are an expression of problems which lie hidden in the unconscious. Work in psychotherapy offers the opportunity to discover more about the underlying difficulties and to resolve the disorder at its root.


Psychotherapy can help children and young people work through and resolve this problem at its roots. This process helps build self-awareness and self-confidence, both of which will help protect against anxiety in the future.


The psychoanalytic approach views behaviour as a communication of feelings or thoughts which cannot be expressed in words. Experience shows that when a child or young person feels understood, the need to act out is less pressing, and room opens up for thinking and talking.


Experiences of illness, separation, loss or other trauma can have a profound impact on the developing child. This is often seen in troublesome behaviour and low sense of self-worth. Psychotherapy supports children and young people to recover from trauma in a way which helps them gain greater control and offers new ways of understanding and expressing themselves.


Problems relating to the pandemic, separation, illness, loss or anxiety.

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