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Image by Dragos Gontariu


Art Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses art materials to help explore emotions as a form of communication and expression. It can be a particularly useful approach for those who find it difficult to articulate their feelings, encouraging exploration in a safe, consistent and supportive environment. This is especially useful for therapeutic work with children or people who, for whatever reason, find non-verbal mediums more accessible than talking, but is available for everyone. It offers an opportunity to think about current situations and past experience in a confidential space. Art Therapy works as a three way process, between the client, therapist and the art made, allowing unconscious feelings to emerge. Through this way of working, difficulties can be seen, processed and resolved enabling personal growth and change.

Art Therapy can be used within individual or group sessions and is used with a wide range of people across all ages. Dependant on needs, Art Therapy can be non-directive as well as directive where those who attend art therapy need have no previous experience of skill in art. At times some clients prefer art making to talking, others choose to talk and many use a mixture of both.

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